[yarimaki] is from a small town in [yarimaki], and was inspired to undertake graphic design as a result of his life-long passion for drawing. He began to develop his skills at an early age, inspired by many different art forms, and has now become a unique artist with a vision that is much sought after. His style is fresh and positive, but with a message that hints at greater depths. He is a master of composition and has a rare eye for detail. Exhibiting clean lines and few colours is how [yarimaki]’s artwork is often described. Yet there is always an element of surprise: obscure references, a play on words, codes and veiled suggestions.


As a result, his work has been exhibited widely in [yarimaki], appears regularly in magazines and is featured on many websites. He has undertaken design and artwork for clients as diverse as [yarimaki], [yarimaki] and [yarimaki].

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